Thursday, January 28, 2010

afternoon sewing

Miss E and I sewed a new little outfit for her baby doll this afternoon. She wanted to do it all by herself, which at nearly 4 was a bit ambitious. But she did almost all the cutting and with instruction did some of the sewing on my machine. It was fun, but all the hovering by mum meant that she soon moved on to other things, like getting all the zips out and covering the sewing machine pedal and my feet with them. Then not a minute after the new clothes were finally put on, I found the above little pile of clothes next to the paddling pool and found the doll having a swim. Not so good for a doll with a material body, but luckily it was a sunny day and the wee babe dried out quickly.

I'm so excited at the second crop of raspberries in the garden, despite lack of nurture on my part they seem to be growing at a tremendous speed, and size! Yum

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  1. What a wonderful sewing experience for both of you, and everything turned out so well


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