Tuesday, January 19, 2010

slow pace

We have been enjoying the slow pace of these summer holidays. It's a couple more weeks before miss E starts back at preschool and the rush of normal life will begin again. Our days are filled with playing, baking, hut making, "swiming" in the paddling pool and not much else (especially not much cleaning) it's a nice pace of life. A small amount of crafting is slipping in there too, I made the above lightweight scarf from a couple of balls from my stash. It's 90% silk and nice and light to wear, perfect for having in your bag over summer if you are going to the movies with super cold air con so you don't freeze in your summer clothes (can you guess what happened to me? Next time I'll be prepared).

Although I've been trying to consume less and was trying really hard to stay away from thrift stores, I couldn't resist this beautiful piece of embroidered linen in Bullion stitch. It's so beautifully finished that it will stay in my collection and not be re purposed in any way.

While we are enjoying a slow pace the garden seems to be growing living at a much faster pace and things are growing at great speed. We are enjoying courgettes, silver beet, strawberries and beans, oh how I love this time of year in the garden.

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