Tuesday, September 29, 2009

new guy

I've been quietly working on a few new animal designs to add the menagerie of other animals I make regularly. This little guy has been on my mind for a while, I had been trying to make him completely out of squares like the other animals but it just wasn't working. Then voila! I decided his body didn't have to be squares at all. It also means he's a lot quicker to complete than the others. With no parts that can come off he would make a great friend for all ages. I've got a few more in the pipeline but with the school holidays giving me very little time sewing time it will be a few weeks before they are finished. This little guy will be listed in my felt shop when I get a chance. (He's a snail by the way, my husband couldn't tell.....)


  1. Oh my, he is so sweet! I love the patchwork shell

  2. sorry for the bulk commenting! but how could i not leave a comment for this little guy- SO SWEET!


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