Monday, September 7, 2009

to the park

We went on a quick trip to the park across the road this weekend to collect pine needles and pine cones. Really all I wanted was the pine needles but with little helping hands more interested in pine cones we ended up with a bucket of those too. I mulch all my strawberry plants with pine needles instead of pea straw, it keeps the moisture in the ground, keeps the berries off the dirt and it has the added bonus of the pine needles being acid rich which the berries love. I recently read too that zucchinis also love to be mulched with pine needles as they are acid lovers too. This post should really include a photo of my beautifully mulched strawberry plants, but alas as soon as I mulched them a pesky blackbird scratched a lot of them out in search of bugs, so quite disheartened I have left the mess of pine needles to be cleared up another day.


  1. I didn't even think if pine needles as a way to mulch in the garden. I am going to be on a quest for some soon.

    I love the red shoes BTW :)

  2. Hello, just stumbled across your blog via the handmade home flickr group. We are 'neighbours'. You have a lovely blog.
    I have 'collecting pineneedles for the strawberries' on my list of things to do this week!


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