Thursday, September 10, 2009

some yellow

A need for more room in the freezer saw these frozen yellow guavas turned into today jam. My neighbours have a large old guava tree that mostly hangs over my fence and drops mountains of fruit down on to my washing line. In past years I have hated the autumn drop of this fruit, I seemed to be constantly picking up the fruit so it didn't form a big fermenting pile. Then this year I changed my attack, I popped the fruit in the freezer as it dropped. I collected many, many kilos of the guavas, giving many away to friends who also wanted to make jam. The last 3 kilos I made into jam today and now I have a big gap in my freezer.

I finished this The Day in the Park tote in the weekend, I used "sun burst" denim that doesn't really show in the photo but it has yellow threads running through it. I added a vintage doily from my stash and a thrifted yellow button too.

The spring issue of World Sweet World is out in store and online, have you got yours yet? I started a little embroidery of a kowhai flower for a felt brooch from this tutorial from Melissa of tiny happy.


  1. Ahh yellow makes me feel so happy! I had a loquat tree in my garden yum! I just popped over to say thankyou so much for your entries into the UP challenge we enjoyed looking at yur beautiful giraffe especially which received lots of sighs and "that is SO cute!" from my daughter. Best wishes x

  2. I LOVE guavas, I'm rather jealous. Very cute bag. And yay the next issue of World sweet world, must get myself one.


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