Saturday, September 5, 2009

button up

My local Hospice thrift store was having a store wide half price sale. A large jar of buttons has had my interest there for some time, but at $10 and considering the extensive button collection already at home I couldn't really justify such a purchase. But at $5 that's a different story, so......hidden amongst the more ordinary buttons I found a few special gems, some handmade ceramic buttons and quite a collection of vintage glass. The rest of the buttons I am donating to the Moriah Holocaust Button Collection. A school of 28 students are trying to collect 1.5 million buttons, one buttons for each child who died in the Holocaust. At the last count they have 634,750 buttons! The information about the project and an address for you to send buttons to is on their blog, you can find it here here . So have a spring clean and look through your button jar and see if you too could help this little cause.

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