Sunday, April 3, 2016

2015, 52 and 2016

I want to put my hand up and say that I struggled my way through 2015, and without going into detail, I'm really pleased it's behind me! Hello 2016, yes I do realise that we are almost a quarter of the way through!

Things I haven't finished often weigh heavy on my mind and it's been bugging me that I stopped blogging my "52 things I've made". I did actually make 52 things last year, actually the number was much greater! But I struggled to get back into this space to blog about it. I'm hoping to share some making highlights over the coming weeks and just get back into blogging in general, for no other reason than to record the little things I've made and the things we've done. After looking way back deep into the archives I've discovered things I'd long forgotten and realised that it's something I really want to continue doing.

My garden is undergoing a wee make over of sorts, I've been busy pulling out box hedging and other "high maintenance" plants, going for a more simple plan with as many edibles as I can squeeze in. We've had the best fig season I can remember and I've squirreled many blackberries away for Winter apple and blackberry pies which are a family favourite!

So join me as I endeavor to return to this space more often, I've missed you!


  1. We've missed you too!! These photos are BEAUTIful! Esp. that butterfly pic. We had a pretty rough 2015 too, I was relieved when we clicked over into 2016! Here's hoping it's a good one for us all! xx

  2. Oh sweets I am so glad to see you back in this space xxx Thank you for supporting our wee school fundraiser too ... I think 2015 was tough for many (in saying that 2016 hasn't started overly flash for us) and 'this space' has taken back seat. I too am 'trying' to make my way back. I missed you xxx I missed blogging

  3. Welcome back. Hoping your year will be full of joy and contentment. I am looking forward to you posting. Sometimes it's hard to find the words to write isn't it. It's lovely to have a blog just waiting for when you find inspiration....and by the looks of your beautiful photos you have!

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