Thursday, March 27, 2014

Grandma, me and Dee

I contacted Dee for a special custom doll a wee while back. My Grandma made my sister and I dolls when we were small, they were big, their limbs were long and they were stuffed so hard! I have memories of their heads feeling like rock. They had beautiful dresses and lovely shoes. As time passed they fell apart somewhat, and with their big gangly limbs were hard to store. We made the decision to keep the best bits, the clothes and shoes and carefully unpicked the faces with the hand stitched details. I also had a small piece of the original dress fabric saved from my Grandma's estate.

This is what she came up with! Isn't it fabulous! Once the doll arrived here I added a few details. I crocheted a little shawl with a shell pattern, the clasp is actually one of my Grandma's screw on earrings! As a child it reminded me so much of a cape gooseberry, it still does. My Grandma made tatted doilies and although it's not her tatting, I stitched a delicate length of tatting around the bottom of the dress. 

A true collaboration - Grandma - Me and Dee! 


  1. I love that you saved those pieces, what absolutely perfect forethought. xxx Love it

  2. What a beautiful project! I love all the special touches and the thought that has gone into it.

  3. Love the beautiful personalised touches you've added Louana - really gives her extra special meaning x

  4. That doll is just wonderful - great collaboration. And yes, now that you mentioned it, that really does look like a cape goseberry. Oh I wish I could grow them in spite of our frosts.

  5. OH!! The mustard shawl looks just perfect! And the trim.
    So honoured to even be a part of this collaboration, thank you xx

    (gosh the hair looks fluro in that first picture...or is it just my computer?!)


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