Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I have a boy here that LOVES colour. It often amazes me the differences between my children and the way they play and the things that interest them. I was lucky if I got one painting from Miss E at preschool a week, Mr A it's several a day! He loves anything to do with colour, he is always commenting on different colours of things he sees and LOVES to paint. He's wanted a "rainbow" blanket for a long time. By "rainbow" he means a knitted or crocheted blanket with lots of colour. He often sees them at the local opshops and wants me to buy him one. Until now I've said no, as they have been out of my budget (they are quite the collectible and the opshops seemed to have wised up to this) and as I can crochet I kinda think I should make one myself! But yesterday I found this great knitted blanket for $8.  I picked it up, would I? Wouldn't I? While I was deciding the ladies at the counter were talking about it, saying how lovely it was and how much all the wool would have cost and how great it would look on a bed. They sold it to me! It has also been backed with super soft and cuddly polar fleece. It looks like it's been made and never been used too!

I'm happy to report that I have one very happy four year old, nestled in bed, snuggled down and totally in love with his "rainbow" blanket! Perfect timing too, seems that the weather is finally cooling down, after the Summer that never ended.

Linking up again with Max - the op-shop show-off !


  1. Hi Louana .. I think you got the bargain of the year there with your lovely $8 blanket. And yes I know what you mean about how expensive they usually are as I have looked myself & they are usually way out of budget!!!

  2. i really like the pattern in that, a nice change from the usual afgans (i think that's what they're called) you see around the traps. claud has a flowery eiderdown (op-shopped of course) that she likes to snuggle in. i have to say i am loving digging out all the blankets etc, we had a couple of dark, wet nights with the log burner lit and i'm all psyched up for autumn winter now!

  3. Hi Louana, congrats, you've won a voucher! Please send me your address (you can find an email link on my page). Beautiful colours in that blanket, by the way!


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