Thursday, March 14, 2013

pattern postie

If you have ever spent ages pouring over a pattern book at your local fabric store with a toddler and maybe a baby also in tow, only to get to the counter and find they don't have the pattern you are after! You will be able to understand why Bronwyn started her site - Pattern Postie. You can browse patterns (all the latest ones!) in the privacy of your own home! How amazing is that? The postage rate is really reasonable too, meaning that there is really NO reason not to buy them online. The Pattern Postie also stocks all those great sewing magazines too, Burda style and Ottobre too (she can also get the back issues for you too!). Now you maybe wondering how I know all of this? Well I was so lucky to have a stall right next to Bronwyn at Fabric-a-brac over the weekend. We chatted lots about her business and our crafting hoarding collecting!

The best part of me bringing this wonderful site to your attention is that Pattern Postie is currently having a HALF PRICE sale!!!! (the sale ends this Sunday)


  1. I did not know this service existed, how wonderful. Thanks for sharing, shall go have a look at it now :-)

  2. ohh exciting - the frustration of them not having the pattern when you ask for it at the counter!! I know that feeling


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