Thursday, February 7, 2013


Mr A turned four in January, with all his friends away on holiday we decided to have a small celebration a few weeks later. He's pirate mad, mainly because of this jacket!  (You can get the pattern from here or here, designed by Lisa of Big Little - or if sewing isn't your thing Lisa will custom make one for you!). So we decided on a pirate theme. For weeks and weeks, it's been "pirate party" this and that. We worked together miss E, mr A and I over the school holidays to put some of the details together, it was our little project and I had good helpers. We made invitations, aged the paper by soaking it in tea (a great little helper job), I made some little pouches from some hessian type fabric (cut a circle and thread a length of ribbon around the edge - easy). We filled these with some chocolate coins and some cute chocolate fish!

We also made some colouring in books for the kids to take home. I did a google search for pirate colouring in images and sized them to fit on A5 sheets. I stitched them together on my sewing machine and also included some blank pages for their own drawings. I used a bunting image designed by Stella for the cover of the notebooks, you can find it here, she's also got a bunch of other free printables - she's so clever! You can see the nautical party here that she originally created the bunting for - AMAZING!!!!

I've got a few more pics to share from the party, maybe tomorrow. The weather is absolutely stunning here today, a nice crisp cool morning and it's starting to heat up now. The cicada's are singing and there is just enough cool breeze to get my washing dry fast, better go and hang it out then!


  1. those books look cute! So do the loot bags! Awesome, can't wait to see more!

  2. Those little books look great:) Looking forward to seeing pics of the party! Lisa x

  3. I think you have done an amazing job Louana - on all the things. How great to have children still young enough to do themed parties for. Cant wait to see more pics when you get time :-) Julie

  4. Oh what a fun party! Such great party favours, I just love the wee books.

  5. I love the notebooks so cute :0)


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