Wednesday, March 7, 2012

holding on

It seems like there is suddenly a crisp feeling in the air, like Summer has disappeared (some would argue that Summer never really arrived here in NZ this year) in a flash. Before it starts to get too cold in the evenings we decided we better get to the beach for a picnic dinner. We travelled to our favourite local spot, the best thing about heading to the beach in the evening is all the crowds have left and we had the beach pretty much to ourselves. We sat and ate our dinner on this mat that I made way back, when the little feet that walked on it were much, much smaller than they are today.

Just before we headed home my husband spotted the above "treasure", we breathed a big sigh of relief that neither of the kids spotted it and wanted it for their collection! I imagine that someone, somewhere is missing it!


  1. Thats so funny I just read your link and I decided almost exactly the same as you on my beach blanket and even used a similar bedspread to back it! (you can see it here ) Great minds must think alike! Glad you got to the beach before the summer ends...we just had our first visit as Spring is just about different but so much the same as well! :D

  2. LOL about the teeth! Sure the owners will miss them. :-) You should have taken them for later years to come..might have saved some kidding..;-)


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