Monday, August 17, 2009

a first and last

These are the last things I've made with my trimmings pack from Umbrella Prints. I've never tried harder to use up every last little scrap of fabric before, some pieces were really tiny and I had to think about how I could put them to some use. I made the bird first, then the tree as you can probably tell by the tiny pieces used for the tree. I wanted to use them up with minimal "other fabric", I used some felted wool jumpers for the green bird and the red branches. The tree is sewed on some recycled denim and the bird is on some coarse linen. I tried for the first time to do some embroidery, I'm constantly inspired by Melissa's (tiny happy) embroideries , she has a lovely way of making beautiful and simple embroideries. So here is my first attempt, one row of chain stitch, a bit wobbly and not that evenly formed. I normally avoid hand sewing, but I did find all that hand sewing a bit soothing and I actually completed them a lot faster than I thought I would. There may be more hand sewing in my future.

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  1. thanks for your nice mention. :) i love this sweet little bird hoop- especially the beautiful embroidery! you are a genius at using up little bits of fabric. :)


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