Tuesday, January 29, 2013

right now

Right now: I'm enjoying very little from our garden (I can't keep up with the watering and I didn't put much in this year)
: Spending nearly every afternoon in the school pool (we are lucky to buy a key for the summer)
: Spending nearly every morning at the local skate park, nice and early before it heats up too much (pleasantly surprised by how the older, much older kids make space and watch out for all the little ones)
: Finishing off lots of projects - when I'm not completely zapped of energy in this heat!
: Getting ready to ease back into routine with miss E starting back at school tomorrow.


  1. Miss E's little top is gorgeous - did you make it? Lovely you have a pool so close to go swimming in, it sure makes this heat more bearable when you can have a dip... x

  2. Oh and I forgot to say I love your new blog header... Lisa x

  3. Oh I hear you on the gardening front. Determined to do better this winter. Having the school pool key makes me all nostalgic for Nelson summers many moons ago. Love your sandals - saltwater? Where do you get those in NZ?

  4. Yup. Gardening this year at our place consisted of two courgette plants and a bunch of failing strawbs. The few other plants I put in pretty much died when we went away for Xmas!
    Loving the sweet wee woollen and the saltwaters x

  5. love the saltwater sandals, my wee girl has the mini version in red and i have sandals envy every time she wears them!


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