Saturday, January 12, 2013


I've wanted to make a doll for a long time, but not wanting to step on any toes in the doll making/blogging world has meant it's taken me a long time to get around to it. Then I saw a pattern in an issue of Mollie Makes and I thought if I was using a pattern no one could get offended right?

It also means that I get around to using up some thrifty finds. The broken necklace, used here for her tiara, has been kicking around in my sewing bits and bobs for quite a while. I bought it with the idea of using it as a tiara on a doll and it fitted around her head perfectly. The embroidered facial features are also thrifted, a little kit that you iron on. The hair is cut from a large piece of thrifted handmade felt, it's lovely and thick and with lots left over I can sew some slippers for winter. Her body is cut from some embroidered linen scraps from my notebooks. She's stuffed with wool and she's got sparkly shoes with sequin edging! I crocheted her dress from cotton from my stash and used up some beads too. I had wanted to finish her off for miss E for Christmas, but it didn't happen. But as it turned out it was a good thing as she helped design the dress. So I'm pleased that there are a few more stashed items used up!

As for other doll making bloggers check these two out! There are lots more too. Have you got a favourite doll maker? I'd love to hear about more.

Dee - Find her beautiful blog here
Jennie - Makes amazing dolls using vintage fabrics 


  1. She is beautiful and I love how you thrifted so much of her, particularly her hair and tiara!
    There are so many clever doll makers out there. I am friends with Jennie and I swoon over all her dolls when we visit! Each has it's own personaility which is what you've created here too!

  2. well done it looks fantastic x

  3. LOVE the doll Louana - love her hair, tiara, clothing - everything!! Well done.
    You mentioned about being worried about making other dollmakers patterns . . . I make patterns from other dollmakers and sell them in the cottage and I find if I always, always acknowledge the designer in my tag, then they are fine with it - of course I am not making 100"s of them.
    I have emailed 1 or 2 australian designers and sought their permission and they are always happy so long as you acknowledge their design. Or if I change anything I put "based on a design by , , , "
    Just thought I would mention this as have found it to be fine in my case.
    wishing you a creative weekend, Julie :-)

  4. She is so cool - The blue hair and tiara in particular are genius!

  5. She is a stunner! The tiara is a strike of genius, and the iron on features were a superb find.

  6. louana, she is beautiful. I love the blue hair bigtime. women have been making dolls for generations before we were creating go for it!


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