Saturday, January 5, 2013


This year is going to be the year of finishing off projects. I have a really bad problem of having crafting eyes bigger than my crafting time. It leads me to bringing all sorts of "projects" home where they languish in the garage or in a cupboard or somewhere out of sight. Waiting, waiting - WAITING for me to get around to putting my "vision" for them into action.

This stool is a good example (with bad photos - sorry) I found this sturdy wooden stool on the roadside in the inorganic rubbish collection, a good three years ago. I loved it's curved seat and other than it's paint job was in excellent condition. I thought I could cover it, rather than with paint, with maps. I had seen an amazing desk covered in maps and loved the idea. Luckily for me my sister rescued some maps from being thrown away at a university, big ones, all New Zealand towns. So I had the maps, the stool, the mod podge - what was I waiting for?? Well I don't know, probably time, seen as I had everything I needed to finish it.

So I've got quite a few projects I'd love to complete this year and if I don't I'm prepared to let them go to the roadside in the the inorganic for someone else to have a "vision" with them.

As for other resolutions I don't have many, lose weight (including the weight I was going to lose at this time last year! - hmm seems like a double resolution there!), do more crafts with the kids, come up with some new dinner recipes.


  1. Well Hello Louana - I too have that "crafting eye" problem!!! As do quite a few of my crafty friends. I think your map stool will look fantastic - cant wait to see the end result.
    Happy creating my fellow blogger. Oh & p.s - I too have that weight loss resolution from last year . . . (& the year before that if I recall correctly!!!) Julie :-)

  2. Ohh this is a good resolution! I think this is a very common problem, most crafty people I know seem to have it - myself included. I have tubs and tubs of unfinished alterations, and cupboards full of things waiting to be spray painted or changed in some way. Sigh. That might need to be next years goal. haha.

  3. I love the way you put it - I can definitely see myself in there - what has helped is to have a masterlist to tick stuff off - but of course that doesn't stop me bring more things home *sigh*. I'm really enjoying the big 'finish it' streak I'm on and I guess I'll try and resist bring home anything else at least until the garage is under control!!

  4. Love this stool!!! Yep, I'm doing a clear out of some of my 'maybe one day' projects. I've decided that life is too short, and my house is too small, to hold onto every broken suitcase or chair that crosses my path... x

  5. Ooh i like that stool, very clever use of a map!


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