Tuesday, January 8, 2013

five bucks

I've got quite a few clothes make overs I've got to complete this year (otherwise they are getting donated back to the thrift store!) and this was one that I started before all my "market crafting" I did before Christmas. It's one of a handful of tops that I bought for $5 each, all needing a couple of smallish changes.

The top was a cross between a top and a short dress. It fitted quite well, but the sleeves were too short and too tight,  but with plenty of length to play with  for some new sleeves. I unpicked the sleeves and cut bigger, longer ones. I cut the arm holes larger and set in the sleeves. It had a pocket in the side seam that was in a funny place once the length was shorter, so I took that out and hemmed the bottom. I wasn't so taken with the original colours, and with a wash the purple had bled into the cream parts, urgh. So I over dyed it blue, the original colours weren't really me to begin with. I'm pretty pleased with the transformation! Nice long loose sleeves to hide those fly away arms and of course keep the sun off them too. I've got a few more transformations to go before I reach the bottom of my basket, I hope I don't loose momentum!


  1. Gosh you went to a lot of effort - but the result is amazeballs. The dye job makes it. Hope you get heaps of wear from it now (all the while knowing its your special design)!

  2. Fantastic! I'm not sure I could have had that vision but I love the results!

  3. The colour change is pure genius!


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