Monday, November 26, 2012

playing favourites

Over the last week I've had a huge production line, sewing up as many of my embroidered linen notebooks as I could. There were a few hold ups, running out of cotton, vilene and patience - not exactly in that order.

It's always hard crafting for markets, you never know what will be your best seller and what people are looking for. It can vary from market to market and time of year too. Last year at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair I totally sold out of these notebooks and I was sure I'd made heaps too. This year I'm hoping I've made enough! I've made 40 and counting!

Each one is cut from a piece of vintage linen, it's actually really hard to find the right linens for the notebooks. Most vintage linens have the embroidery right on the edge, which means all the pretty embroidery would be tucked away on the inside of the notebooks. Large tablecloths seem have the embroidery in the right place. I only like to use linens that have stains and holes and work around them. It seems such a shame just to cut into perfect vintage linens. Which means that I have a growing collection of "perfect" linens that I refuse to cut up. I do try and use the crocheted edges too, including them in the notebooks where possible. I've also got a growing collection of crochet edges, I've got a few ideas to put them to good use too. I don't like to waste such beautiful handiwork!

I'm quite attached to each notebook as it's finished, deciding it's my ultimate fave - that is till the next one is finished! I think it will be hard to say goodbye to some special pieces of linen from my stash!


  1. I honestly don't think I would be able to choose which one to buy - I want alllllll of them!
    I also know exactly how you feel about parting with some of your crafts, I sometimes feel like small pieces of ME are being purchased and sent off to new homes. Funny how the creative brain works.

  2. they are absolutely beautiful. I so agree about cutting up linen... so hard and you make to make the very most of every stitch.

  3. Goodie ! cant wait to peruse at the fair in the weekend. I hope I get a chance and I hope I can get in quick before these beauties sell out again :) The trim suprise on the inside looks nice in that pic

  4. These are totally gorgeous I love them


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