Friday, November 16, 2012

friday finds

a bunch of thrifted embroidery hoops! - Lovely portrait in the background by the also
lovely Stella
set of four brand new black crocheted place mats by
French Country Collections - thrifted. Stunning roses
from my lovely neighbour!
Probably the best ever metal tray to be converted into
one of these.

I've been busy cutting out up lots of vintage linen (working around holes and stains) for my notebooks. I was all prepared to sit down and sew the big pile up. But alas somehow the cotton has decided to tangle it self all up inside my machine! Arrgh! So instead I'll do some more cutting out until my husband comes home to rescue it. Why don't I attempt it I hear you ask? Well there are some things that he is just better at than me and fixing mechanical things is one of those things. 

Happy weekend! I'm hoping mine involves a lot of sewing!


  1. Wow - that was quite a find thrifting those embroidery hoops - you could do some really neat things with those - they are quite the trend lately. Happy crafting this weekend - hope your machine behaves itself. We once farmed for this little tiny wee lady & oneday . . . she threw her big heavy sewing machine out the window!!!!! Always makes me laugh remembering her doing that. Luv Julie :-)

  2. and I have been hunting and hunting for embroidery hoops and never seem to score one at an oppe! the usual thing of it will arrive in my life when im not looking just like a good man haha.


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