Thursday, November 15, 2012


Last weekend was a local A & P Show (Agricultural and pastoral). I took part in a spinning demonstration with some other members of our Creative fibre group. I suggested to the kids that maybe they would like to enter some items in the kids section of the show. So an uncooked slice, vegetable person and sand/Vaseline saucers were entered, along with some entries by me in the handcraft sections.

Miss E was delighted to find that she had won prizes for all her entries and mr A also took home a place for his saucer. Miss E took home a grand total of $10 in prize money which she was super excited by. I also took home a few prizes :) 3 firsts a second and a third. I was very surprised! Especially with my first place for spinning!  I've only been spinning for a short time and didn't expect to win.

I had made some baby shoes from some woollen men's trousers and added some crocheted flowers using Jessicah's beautiful silk/merino yarn (colourway Hydrangea - 2ply). I crocheted lots of individual flowers and stitched them close together in the hope they'd look a bit like hydrangeas. The have leather soles too.  I'm hoping that once I've finished all this market crafting I'll get a chance to make some more.


  1. well i must admit that your prizes don't surprise me at all. what beautiful work you do! congratulations on the ribbons (a + p shows are so old school and cool and those ladies know what they're talking about when they give out awards.)

  2. Congrats on your wins! Those baby shoes are simply adorable, I love your crochet flowers - they really do look like hydrangeas :) I haven't been to an A&P show since I left home all those years ago. I remember they always had candy floss which was a novelty when you lived in a very small country town! x


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