Monday, November 19, 2012


Another mum at preschool also loves Pinterest - She often asks me what I've made or done from my pins and I ask her too. The response is nearly always the same - nothing! All these grand plans and inspiration but not too much action. Often it's just about waiting for every thing to align. I saw this pin and thought what a great idea, easy enough. Glue magnets to the back of old puzzle pieces. Problem, no puzzles that I could do it with (well the kids might notice if I stole all their puzzle pieces!). So I've been patient, keeping the idea up there waiting. Then last week I found a bag of Fireman Sam puzzle pieces with no puzzle at a local thrift store $0.20c!(I've seen plenty of puzzles but they have all been complete and it seems a shame to make magnets out of them if someone will use the puzzle). So now mr A's magnet tray/board has some magnets! The perfect place for him to show off his paintings, making some room on the fridge for other things.


  1. great idea, they look very cute!

  2. that looks so great - I know exactly what you mean by having all these great ideas in your head & doing nothing with them !!! You are right tho, sometimes we just have to wait for everything to align - like your puzzle pieces. Julie :-)


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