Tuesday, August 7, 2012

mr tui

It's about this time of year that we start to see lots of Tui birds around our neighbourhood. We are lucky to have some large Kohwai trees that attract lots of them and some other blosshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tui_(bird)om trees too. The top picture is of a tree on our walk to preschool. When miss E was three and we started walking to preschool, we'd stop below this tree each day and talk to "mr Tui", even once all the blossoms had gone and he wasn't there anymore (I didn't tell her that though), She'd say she'd had a good day to "mr Tui" on the walk home. All this time mr A was only little and didn't really notice all these conversations we were having, but that has changed. Now he's 3 too and the blossoms have appeared, and "mr Tui" has returned, as too have the conversations. We stop and listen to his beautiful bird call you can hear it here (make sure you click though to hear more calls, the other one is much better than the first) and say our "hello's".

Last week I was lucky enough to find a really big bag of embroidery iron on transfers from 1982, amongst all the flower transfers were lots of NZ birds and NZ flora ones! Tuis, Fantails, Kohwai and Pohutukawa too. There are some double ups so I think I'll take some along to sell with my fabric at Fabric-a-brac on the 18th.  I was also lucky to find this Tui cross stitch, beautifully stitched in 1993, when I bought it home miss E declared how lucky we were to have our own mr Tui to look at each day. I think we are lucky to have these birds in our neighbourhood to stop and listen to and of course have a conversation with too!


  1. Tuis are such stunning birds - I was watching a pair of them chasing each other around the trees at Mum and Dads in the weekend, they're such cheeky things too!
    That embroidery is beautiful, very lucky indeed.

  2. That Tui cross stitch is amazing! I miss kiwi birds already, aussie birds are so noisy! Def appreciating what we have back home...


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