Thursday, August 23, 2012


On the weekend we took a trip to the Howick Historic Village, it's somewhere I'd always wanted to visit. A few weeks ago I spotted half price tickets on a "1 day" type site and snapped them up. I really wanted to visit on an "open day" that they have once a month. It's where lots of volunteers dress up in period costume and go about typical activities around the village.

We all had an amazing time, it was much bigger than I expected and it took us quite awhile to get around all the houses, cottages and little huts. Most of the cottages are restored but there are a few showing the many layers of wallpaper that the owners over the years had chosen, surprisingly to me some of the wallpapers were very brightly coloured. I'm sure that one of the highlights (for the kids anyway) was the village sweet shop where we bought some old fashioned lollies, then they had a sausage cooked over coals at the village pub!

See those cool purple pants that miss E is wearing up there? They have hardly been off her body since they arrived! They are made by Rhiannon of Toast clothing and I can't say enough about how cool they are! You can find some similar in her Felt shop Croutons. Do go and have a look, she also makes awesome brooches and bags too!

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