Wednesday, August 1, 2012

bit of sunshine

After what seems like days of rain, the sky cleared and the sun came out this afternoon, and it was a nice mood booster. Amongst all the sunshine I noticed a bit of a yellow theme today. Vintage braid from the thrift store, some wooden owls "Russian Doll style" and lastly I spotted these yellow polyanthus
that mr A chose last year from the plant store. They must have survived the winter and despite been battered by the rain, are brightening up this woefully sad looking winter garden of mine.


  1. Those owls are just devine!
    And I wish we had planted a bit of colour in our garden - at the moment I just try not to look at it, the overgrown weeds and moss covered soil is quite depressing!

  2. You find such gorgeous things at the thrift shop...I want to come and live there! :D


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