Thursday, August 30, 2012

learning curve

What kind of "learner" are you? I'm the "don't ask anyone how, I might look like I don't know what I'm doing" kind. The kind that only sticks at things she picks up easily (that's why I don't knit) and the kind that figures things out for herself, with mixed results along the way.

Sometimes being that "kind" is a good thing. Being left handed I was unable to be taught to crochet by any family members (even though my Nana is left handed - she crochets with her right hand!!) I taught myself from books from the library using a mirror to reverse the diagrams (now there are fabulous books that have great left handed diagrams). It means not worrying about the rules of what you can or can't do in a craft, but getting stuck in and learning as you go. Often I think coming up with new ways and new techniques.

Sometimes that "I know what I'm doing, I don't need any help" thing isn't so great though. I spun some merino and bamboo and plied them together. That's the result in the top photo, the white looking yarn on the right. I was really happy with it, but thought maybe if I dyed it, it would look even better! Arrgh I was wrong! I didn't take into consideration how the two different fibres would actually need two different dye types(one for the protein fibres - wool and another for the cellulose - the bamboo). Disaster, I ended up with that "terrible, I can't look at it cause it hurts my eyes" yarn in the second photo. All that hard work wasted I thought as I crocheted it up, totally disgruntled and totally kicking myself that I didn't leave well enough alone. Then I thought, "why not dye it again?" What did I have to lose? So using a dye suitable for the bamboo that had remained undyed in the the first dying session, I tried again.

I chose a teal blue in the hope that it might blend into the green. Success! I have to say without a doubt that it's much easier on the eyes now. Although it's not the little green cardi that I had imagined it to be, I've learnt a valuable lesson! The pattern by the way is by my friend Lisa of Holland Designs. You can find her Etsy store (and her classic baby cardi pattern) here, filled with lots and lots of amazing crochet patterns.

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