Thursday, June 17, 2010

for warmth

A while ago I made these mittens when the weather was much warmer and frosty mornings seemed so far off. But now we have had two mild frosts under our belt and I thought it must be time to get them out, with some trepidation to be honest. The things I make can be met with delight or disgust by my four year old miss E, hats, pants and skirts always go down well, cardigans not so well so I wasn't sure how these mittens would be received. I shouldn't have worried as they were snatched up and put straight on and they kept her hands very warm while out on an early morning walk. They were taken off briefly so she could pick some manuka flowers though.


  1. Oh they are lovely, love the variegated colours

  2. They look gorgeous! I'm not surprised she loved them!


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