Wednesday, June 30, 2010

book luck

There seems to be lots going on here this week, mother help duties at preschool, helping friends out, thinking ahead to some little presents that need to be made in the next week, trying hard to get the washing dry on the line (not easy in this Auckland weather) and all the normal motherly duties that come along with two children under 5. I have however been sneaking a few moments here and there to delve into some books that I've picked up at some local fundraising sales.

There is; The country diary of an Edwardian lady by Edith Holden that melissa wrote a little bit about here (I was ever so excited to find this one, a bit worst for wear but oh so beautiful inside), Stewart Island plants by Hugh D Wilson. Now my husband questioned the purchase of this one, but it not only contains plants found on Stewart Island but most of plants are found here on the mainland. It's beautifully illustrated, mostly black and white line drawings but there is the odd colour plate too.

I have picked the children up some new reads too, along with the new (old) golden books I found a copy of I can read more by Dick Bruna of the Miffy books. It has the sweetest inscription and to be honest I bought it for the inscription, now I know that there was a John Constable Exhibition on at the Auckland Art Gallery in 1973. I love to read the inscriptions in children's books to see who it was for and who it was from. I hope Julian and Grandma would be pleased to know I'm going to look after this book.


  1. i really appreciate a moment with a cup of tea and a flick thru a book or magazine these days ...

  2. I have the book by Edith Holden too and I love it. I'm such a compulsive secondhand book buyer, they're almost overflowing out of the house!

    Saw your question regarding those foraged nuts in NZ Gardener today - bummer they're not edible but good to know what they are for sure.

  3. so glad you like the Edith Holden book! it's beautiful isn't it. the other books you found look gorgeous too.


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