Monday, June 28, 2010

at the shore

We made a quick stop at a local beach for an ice cream on the weekend, although it may have been a better idea to have some fish and chips! It was cold and we were about the only ones there, definitely the only ones eating ice creams. We hadn't planned on going to the beach so we were a little under prepared for the cold (we had just been to a local secondhand book sale) but the kids were so into it. We decided that we will return on the next sunny winter weekend more prepared for the cold and have a longer stay. I vote for fish and chips next time too!


  1. Great pictures, I love the light you've captured. And that little foot! Nice work :)

  2. fish & chips do taste better at the beach ...

  3. i love those beautiful pictures you took- winter beachtime is the best. we had fish and chips last sunday night- in the dark, on the beach. fun :)


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