Wednesday, June 23, 2010

for keeps

I was recently very lucky to win a "keep cup" from this lovely website Mokita. They sell an expanding range of eco water bottles, BPA free stainless steel. I love mine, gone are the plastic bottles I used to drink out of. But back to the keep cup, I was so pleased to win one as I had cut back on my coffee intake once mr A came along deciding to have the odd coffee out but none at home. I have however been having a coffee a once a week as treat while at playgroup with mr A, but having one in a paper throw away cup was annoying me a little ( I had been saving them for miss E to play "coffee shops" with up till now) so it's so nice to have a reusable cup. When a new little cafe opened in town I noticed that they sell them too! Keep cups even have a Flickr group . So if you enjoy a coffee on the go (or know someone who does) it might be worth investing in one. By the way, sorry about the bad photos I'm really quite shy about taking photos in public so they were a rushed hope no one is watching effort.


  1. I have one too. My sister gave us them for Christmas and they're lovely. I often fill it with coffee from home and take it on my way out some where. They don't keep the heat in like the thermal cups but they feel nicer to drink from.

  2. oooh these are great aye. We have two, one of them in exactly the same colours as this! ha!


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