Thursday, April 15, 2010

snip snip

Miss E "I want short hair like daddy"
Me (after a long pause) "um, that would be very short hair for a girl to have"
Miss E "I know, but I really want short hair, just like daddy"

later at the hairdressers........
Miss E to the hairdresser "I want short hair just like my daddy"
Me to the hairdresser "daddy's hair is cut like a long bob" (OK a big fat lie - but who could blame me)

After a few short minutes my girl's hair that was nearly waist length resembled the long bob and was in miss E's words "my hair doesn't even reach my shoulders now mum!" I will forever remember her stamping in these leaves looking so carefree, and my relief that she didn't get a haircut just like her daddy's.


  1. That must have been so hard for you! I don't know that I could have been so brave!! It will be so much easier for school though.:o)

  2. We just had a similiar discussion here at our house. Well, I begged and pleaded and my girly didn't listen :). I got a little teary, but am loving how much faster we get ready now!

  3. oh, i would have had a hard time saying goodbye to that gorgeous hair too!


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