Wednesday, April 28, 2010

dirt is good

Dirt is good, for so many reasons. But to my mr A, dirt is fun. He loves it and is keen to get into it every chance he can. He's 15 months old now and of course that means some of that dirt gets into his mouth too. I love that he loves getting dirty, even if that means that the first time he wears the pants I just made for him they get caked in mud. I have always "tried" had not to be too precious about the clothes that my children wear, allowing them to take in everything that means to be a child growing up. So when miss E comes out to me after preschool head to toe covered in all sorts, play dough, paint, sand, I just smile and say "looks like you've had lots of fun today". It's something that I feel is good for kids, just to let themselves go and not to be worried about what mum will say about their dirty clothes.

I've been going a little yoga pants crazy over the last few weeks, um yeah, I've made a few pairs. The photo doesn't show about another 3 pairs that are in the wash, or the other 3 or so pairs that I've cut out ready to be sewn up. I love the pattern and the kids seem to love wearing them so it's a win win situation. Miss E loves the green ones, great taste there they are made from merino and the waistband is made from fabric from my vintage swap partner that I finally got the courage to cut into as I love it so much.


  1. Those pants look great! Might have to try the pattern too...

  2. These pants look awesome. I have a hard time seeing my lovingly made clothes for the kids become absolutely wrecked so I think I need to make some 'do whatever you want in them' outfits, then I can let go and stop being so precious. You're right, dirt is good!

  3. These pants look super comfy! Do they come in adult size!!?


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