Wednesday, April 21, 2010

new finds

I love book sales (secondhand books that is). I love to have a rummage and find some great new books to add to our collection. At a sale recently I discovered some old crafting books, well they are more like little pamphlets. There is "plastic bottle fun" printed in 1965, it's filled with ways to recycle plastic bottles, a curler bag! model church, piggy bank, my goodness some of the projects are "interesting" but inspiring at the same time. There is one on how to make realistic looking flowers from crepe paper and my favourite "aluminum flowers from cold drink cans". It makes my fingers nervous just reading it (I get the feeling I'd cut my hands making these) but I really want to try some, I'd have to track down some cans first. It has the most beautiful 70's photography of the flowers and some really 70's wallpaper too. I also made a great find of some vintage golden books for the children, I love these books and I'm always looking for more to add to our collection, they are the perfect length to read before bedtime.


  1. wow- those are awesome and funny at the same time. i love the church inside a bottle!!(?)

  2. I adore vintage craft books too. Also trawling second-hand book shops is such a great way to pass the time.

    those flowers are something! I assume they cut them with scissors?

  3. those flowers are fabulous !!! i would probably loose a finger trying to make them .......


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