Wednesday, April 8, 2015

dog's bowl (10/52)

Late last year I popped into a fibre selling market with my boy, with a strict budget and knowledge of exactly what I wanted. Except that boy of mine fell in love with some super soft squishy blue merino sliver and I left without the fibre I wanted, well some of it anyway.

He picked it up and declared that he needed a hat, and I was to spin it up straight away. I did, but in the heat of Summer he quickly realised that it wasn't the most perfect weather for hat wearing. I just knitted a rectangle and at the top stitched it into four points, super easy. I added a few stitches in red on the side too, his favourite colour (it always helps to ensure it will actually be worn).

The weather here STILL isn't hat wearing weather, but last time I looked he was using it as dog storage! I'm hoping the weather cools soon, I think it's a bit wasted as a dog bowl. Don't you agree?


  1. The colour he chose is pretty special. Xx

  2. so nice! even if its not warm enough to wear yet! Very practical ;) x


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