Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Handmade Christmas link up!

I thought I'd like to wrap up my handmade Christmas series with a link up. I know that not everyone blogged about what they were making for Christmas presents with the threat of potential receivers reading/seeing the posts! Now that threat has passed I've seen some great gift ideas and handmade gift posts popping up in blog-land. I particularly love this idea from Leonie of Kiwi at Heart, I have plans for making some of these gift sets up this year. 

My own handmade efforts fell a little short, not all gifts were handmade by me, many were handmade by others. I let my fingers do the walking and bought quite a few handmade items from online sellers, just as good in my eyes, if not better as I was also supporting some wonderful talented crafters.

In the handmade Christmas journey I did figure one thing out though, I kind of like that last minute rush and flurry of making right before the big day. Sitting up late at night and making and wrapping and preparing gifts for those that I love and people I want to thank, it's something that I enjoy.

A Hydrangea cushion for someone who grows them.

A zip purse and  crochet hooks

A crochet Kokeshi for a dear friend.
I'd really love it if you would link up some of your handmade presents! It will hopefully inspire me and others when Christmas rolls around again!


  1. Oh thanks so much for mentioning my post lovely!
    I am so in love with that purse you made! that dyeing is incredible.

  2. GREAT gifts !! !! !!
    I too am in LOVE with Leonies makes xxx
    And your cushion is adorable

  3. Awesome gifts - hope they were all very well received and loved x

  4. Your cushion is so so beautiful Louana. I bet that it was really well received.


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