Wednesday, November 27, 2013


Many years ago I was let in on a little secret, if you freeze bananas then pop them into a blender they whip up into an amazing creamy mixture, a lot like soft serve ice cream. Problem is though, making it is really hard on your blender/food processor. To be honest, although it was a totally delicious, not to mention a super healthy snack option I stopped making it, I was worried I was going to blow up my blender and my food processor too!

Skip forward a decade, and it seems that someone has purpose built a machine for making frozen fruit into delicious ice cream like treats! The machine is called "Yonanas" and I first discovered it's existence on Stella's blog. After I read her review I felt like rushing out to get one, I've got one child who isn't that fussed on fruit, yet turn it into an ice cream and it's a different story. So I thought this could be just the thing to get some more fruit into him. Looking at the machines online and in store I just couldn't bring myself to get one, ah yes, the need verses want dilemma. Not to mention I'd need to find space in my cramped kitchen cupboards for a start! But just as the saying goes, "good things come to those who wait" they did! I spotted a Yonanas machine at my local Salvation Army store, it quickly came home with me.

I can tell you it's been a BIG hit with every one, we've tried out lots of combos. It's a great way to use up our little homegrown strawberries that are a wee bit little. I like the idea of using up the over ripe fruit too, like the kiwifruit that has a soft spot that makes it hard for me to stomach. Once frozen and popped into the freezer it's a different story.The combo pictured above is banana and peanut butter with a wee bit of cocoa and maple syrup. It's a bit of a naughty combo but I was trying to convince my husband of the merits of the machine! I still haven't found it a place in my cupboard, ahem.

Linking in with Max again this week with the op shop show off. 


  1. Yonanas! What a great name. I have never heard of it, sounds like it would be perfect come summer. xo P.S. I want your Salties, such a great colour xo

  2. I tried the banana "ice cream" last summer, and found that it was kinder on my blender to slice the bananas before freezing...I don't know if you were blitzing them whole or in pieces, or perhaps you made it more times than I did, hence your concern re: breaking your machine :) I wonder if it would keep in the freezer once blended...??

  3. Yay!!! We haven't used ours for a few weeks, must pull it out (frozen fruit just waiting in the freezer)

  4. That sounds delish! What a great find!

  5. ooh, you jammy thing-I would L>O>V>E to find one of those babies in the oppy!!!
    But have dropped many hints to the in-laws about liking the look of them, so hoping one might turn up on the big day!
    Thanks for linking in, have a GREAT weekend x

  6. Yah what a great find. I'm on the hunt for one now!! always smells like smoke coming out of my whizzer with bananas!


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