Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Happy Valentines day! We don't celebrate it much here, not like in America. I sometimes wish we did when I see all the cute ideas for class valentine gifts on Pinerest, like this one, or this. So in the absence of Valentines love here, I thought I'd share something I'm loving at the moment, this space in our lounge.

The one good thing about all the rain and cold weather over Christmas and the new year was all the time I spent crocheting! Some days that's all I did, aside from making meals for the family. It meant that I worked up this blanket/throw (the blue one on the couch) in a few short days. The pattern is Solas Caomh, which is Irish for "tender comfort". I found the pattern in a book in my local library called "The best of Interweave crochet". I really liked working on it and I was surprised how quickly it worked up (especially once I started reading the pattern, rather than just doing what I thought it said). You can find my ravelry notes here.

The framed images are all from blogging friends, from the top, left to right we have: A Kokeshi screen print by Lisa Stubbs, you can find her etsy shop here. Red shoes by Dee, that I was super lucky to win in a giveaway from her blog, little did she know just how much I love red and mary jane shoes!!! Next is the stunning portrait that Stella did of my little man and his woof. I can't even put into words how well she captured him and how much we all love it. Finally there is a gocco printed card by Melissa of tiny happy which I love for it's simplicity.


  1. A few short days! ha! Your blanket is gorgeous, and your crochet skills enviable!

  2. Wow - I can't believe how quickly you managed to finished that blankie. I am still working on one I started more than 6 years ago! xx

  3. I love Stella's art works- such a cute portrait of your little one. and can't believe you made that blanket in a few days!!

  4. Yep, I'm with the others!! And thank you for the mention! Your corner looks lovely and peaceful, just the place to sit down with a cuppa and a good book (or a squishy little one to cuddle)


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