Wednesday, September 28, 2011


It seems my resolve to blog more has gone out the window along with my resolve to eat less home baking and  finding time to exercise more all that slackness aside, earlier this week I celebrated a my birthday.I must say  the best thing about having a birthday at this time of year is the bouquets I receive from my Nana's garden. Isn't it just lovely? I had a birthday and was a wee bit spoilt, with some thoughtful gifts and Indian takeaways for dinner, yum!

I had some great thrift finds this week ( nice to have some birthday money up my sleeve for some guilt-free thrift shopping), some green ceramics for my shelves (they are mostly covered by cards in this photo unfortunately) and a cute wooden bowl and I think this is a dibber? yeah? A thing for planting seeds? Even if that isn't what it is, it's what I'm going to use it for. I do feel a bit bad about getting it all muddy though.


  1. Happy Birthday! I always love to spend my birthday money thrifting - you get so much more that way! :D

  2. happy birthday to you! glad you had a lovely day- i love that you spent your birthday money at the op-shop. that's awesome.

  3. Hi, we use the dibber to make the hole for our leek plants to pop into to. cheers Marie

  4. Happy birthday to you! I always try to go opp shopping on my birthday, I always seem to find wonderful treasures when I oppshop on my birthday.


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