Friday, September 3, 2010

in anticipation

I've always wanted one of those trugs that I've seen, well everywhere. Mainly because I romantically imagine popping out to my vege patch and filling one up then trotting back inside and making a fabulous dinner out of produce from my garden. The reality is that my small plot will probably never produce enough at one time to fill anything more than a two litre ice cream container. Never the less when I spotted this basket (the next best thing to a trug) at my local thrift store, the romantic in me bought it. So now I feel compelled to jam pack my little plot full of plants to produce enough to fill it. The only thing I could pop into it this week was some silver beet or swiss chard, the only thing I can grow year round.

The broad beans that I planted earlier this season are doing well, the ones that didn't get squashed by a cloth nappy covered bottom. They only need the bees to come along and work their magic, fingers crossed.

Happy weekend to you!

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  1. Like you I would like to own a trug(but only recently realised they're really expensive!)I also dream of bringing in loads of my own produce and being able to cook meals entirely from my homegrown fruits, veges and herbs. However I only live on quite a small section so have to make do with a few small plots. It's still rewarding to go out and pick and dig and cut in Summer-it's just on a smaller scale than I dream of! All the best for a fruitful garden:)


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