Thursday, December 17, 2009

looking back

This time last year I was heavily pregnant and all my Christmas presents were bought/made and wrapped by the end of November just in case my baby made and early arrival (I was due on the 31st 0f December). I needn't have worried as my little bundle of joy was 10 days overdue. It was at the beginning of December that I won tickets to visit Lynda Hallinan's garden, what a thrill. Lynda is the editor of the wonderful New Zealand gardener magazine, she's a guru in urban vegetable gardening. She has transformed her garden into a edible oasis, it's an inner city garden on a quarter acre site (with two dwellings) and all sorts of exotic and not so exotic things grow in it. I love the New Zealand Gardener magazine and Lynda's column about her home gardening efforts are an inspiration to me. I may not have as much land as her to put to planting use but a scaled down version is I think achievable, I might not dig up the little lawn that we have however to plant barley or have the room to plant an olive grove.

This year is in stark contrast to last, I am still making presents, not much is wrapped and my to do list before Christmas seems to somehow be growing not shrinking. As a consequence not much blogging has been taking place lately. I had so many ideas to share, they will have to be put into action next year. I do love this time of year however and all the making involved, very little is store bought on my Christmas list ( the Lego on Miss E's list is the big exception) and that's the way I like it.


  1. I was in the same boat 3 years ago..very pregnant and due the day before xmas! My little one decided to come 2 weeks after xmas, which I am glad about now, but at the time it was pretty tough! That garden looks wonderful!

  2. I missing my NZ Gardener subscription, I really enjoyed following her gardening story. I ao so jealous of you going to see it! I guess there is a perk to Auckland ;)


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