Friday, November 13, 2009

from the garden

I love this time of year, everything seems so green and new and alive. I'm loving taking a short walk to the garden each morning to grab some raspberries to add to miss E's preschool lunchbox. They can't get any fresher than that and more delicious than store bought. There have been brief sightings of ripe strawberries, as they disappear into a certain mouth. Rather miss E eating them than the birds.

"mummy I want to wear a skirt today" it's not something I hear often (my little girl is very much at home in pants and the sandpit) so I thought this was a great opportunity to make some little skirts. So far it's just the one above made from some super soft floral cotton from my vintage swap partner Adrie (thanks again Adrie, it's lovely) and a vintage doily sewn on. Apparently pants still need to be worn underneath skirts but it doesn't matter how she wears it. Luckily for me skirts like that are very quick and easy so I'm sure I can fit a bit more skirt making in over the weekend.

Happy weekend to you.


  1. I love making little skirts. They are so fun, so wonderful for the warm weather, and really easy to make. This one is just too precious.

    I am really enjoying reading all that you are doing in this warm weather. The colder weather is setting on for us, so red raspberries are a delight to see :)

  2. Louana,
    Wish I had some of those berries right now! Oh, and I'm so glad the fabric found a use - I do love love love how soft that one is.

  3. Oh, it is so lovely to see those wonderful berries! Great job on your daughters skirt, I love the doily sewn on! My daughter likes to wear pants under her dresses too, all the better for climbing trees I suppose : ) Many warm wishes xo


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