Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Stain monsters & Penny Scallan giveaway!!!!!!!!

This is a story, a story of a mum who does a LOT of washing, scrubbing and cleaning (sound familiar?). This mum has two creative children, who love to paint and make things. The mum isn't a fan of stains on clothes, but she knows that with two creative children, there is no escaping the stains, or is there? 

Read on and discover how this mum has tamed the "stain monsters" that taunt her - OK I've just given away the ending, damn. But do read on, there is a fabulous giveaway at the end - have I just given away the surprise ending too? Oh dear never mind. The story begins .......

There were many stain monsters that lived in this house, most ended up tucked away in drawers. They were very mean to the kind mum who lived there, they taunted her and laughed as she tried to scrub them away with all manner of cleaning products. "Scrub, scrub, that's all I do" Said the mum. The mean stain monsters even said mean things about her home made washing powder which were really hurtful!

Meanwhile, the door bell rang. It was a parcel that contained the heroes of this story. Two Penny Scallan art smocks. Apples for the girl and cars and trucks for the boy. Long sleeves and a front that would only require wiping! The mum did a little dance of joy "wipe only!" she cried.

The creative children got to work, creating masterpieces all the while the heroes (Art smocks) keeping those stain monsters away. 

It suddenly dawned on the daughter that the stain monsters would never been seen in the house again. "But mum what about the stain monsters?" She said in a worried voice. The mum just smiled. "We won't be seeing them here again" She said.

Once the masterpieces were completed and the children had grown wary and tired of creating. Mum said "Tidy up time" . "Scrub, scrub?" Asked the two children. "No wipe, wipe, wipe" The mum said, with a smile she could not remove from her face.

The heroes knew that they had done a great job, they also knew that they would come in handy next baking time too, much better than the cloth aprons that mum had. "Wipe, wipe, wipe" Mum thought to herself. "Yes wipe, wipe, wipe".

So did you like that story? Good eh? Did you relate to that lovely kind mum, tired of scrubbing? Well if you did and would like a hero aka a Penny Scallan Art smock in your house read on!

Penny Scallan is giving one lucky reader their choice of Art Smock, I know! cool huh? All you have to do is leave a comment on this post, letting me know your choice of size and style (there are more than the two that feature in this story) you can find all the choices on the Penny Scallan Art smock page. While you are there, check out all the other products that they have on offer, you can find their home page here, some seriously cool stuff.

I'll draw a winner via the random number generator on Monday the 8th of April. Good luck! (This giveaway is open to lurkers and non bloggers too - I know you are out there! Go on enter, you know you want to!)

A HUGE thanks to the team at Penny Scallan for supplying these  super cool stain busting heroes - Art Smocks!


  1. Soo funny, the photos are brilliant! It seems your abundant creativity can be applied to most things! Your kids are wee cuties btw x

  2. Ha ha, great review! I think the smallest member of our family needs one of these and anything with cars, trucks or diggers on it takes his preference, so a big city smock in size small please- got to keep those stain monsters from lurking eh!

  3. Great review Louana! Cute and funny! I'm putting the finishing touches on mine (for Stuck on you - seems like I'm the only person NOT reviewing for Penny Scallan!). Even though I already scored freebies, totally entering this anyway because I REALLY WANT an art smock!!!

  4. Great review Louana, cute story! Yay for Mummy heroes :)

  5. so cute I love the wipe clean aspect - were Big City car and truck lovers here :o) great review

  6. Okay I'm IN. I'd love the apples, size small thanks!!!

  7. I'm in, too! I would love the navy stars in a size small, Will work for Otto now, and Mol when she is a little bigger : ) Thanks for the reminder x

  8. You are sooo cute!! Yes the stain monsters live at our house. I would love a small smock - but which to choose - I'm having a hard time between the chirpy birds and the apples.

  9. WOW they are just lovely. we have some massive stain monsters here. I'd love a large Big city one.

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  11. Oops sorry about that. It's the middle of the night but I couldn't sleep. Writing blog comments on a phone at 4 am is not very sensible. Despite that I would LOVE to enter your competition to win an art smock. I love the navy stars, size small please. X


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