Wednesday, April 17, 2013


So over the weekend in Christchurch I was hosted by Nin of Sailor Spy! I was lucky to have a comfy bed that belonged to her daughter, it was in a very pretty room with lots of lovely handmade details. I was referred to as the "big girl" by the lovely miss 4 who was very excited to meet me.

On the Friday afternoon I was dropped off at Nin's studio/showroom - the Orange Tree Cottage. I only managed a few quick snaps of the beautiful space, the light was fading and I really wish I'd taken more. Nin and her family have worked hard to make it such a beautiful wee space, you can see some of the before pictures on her blog here.

Nin is an amazing dress maker and pretty clever at upcycling too, just look at her clothes racks! They are chairs that her daughter's kindergarten was wanting to get rid of. They wanted to pay her to take them to the dump! My little snaps don't really show how amazing they look in this space, I'm super jealous as I'm looking for one to do something similar in my laundry garage laundry space (argh why don't modern homes have a laundry?)

When I found out Nin was my host I asked her to make a tunic for me (as I've long admired her beautiful designs), I wore it to the Saturday night dinner at the conference. I'll have to take a pic of it soon, I love it! Just have to wait for all this rain to clear (yay hopefully the drought has finally broken). I might have to even join in with Stella and her curvy style Friday. Her clothes are beautifully finished and I think it was lucky there weren't too many things in my size on the racks otherwise I might have come home with some more pieces!

the lovely quilt/wall hanging above my bed
Thanks again for having me Nin! 


  1. Her clothes really are amazing aren't they!
    So lovely our time at the cottage and then our Friday night dinner
    Catch up soon

  2. The cottage was devine and her clothes... it took alot of self-restraint not to buy something! You two ladies are so super lovely x

  3. What a great idea using the chairs as racks and shelving - they look fantastic hanging on the wall. Yes I definately think you should "pinch" that idea for your laundry room. Julie :-)

  4. Wow! Funny - you must have published this when I wasn't looking :P Lala mentioned that she missed you the other day - she asked when can you come visit again. There! You've made a lasting impression!

  5. I spotted a pillow with a bunny on it! ;-)


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