Monday, April 8, 2013

Quick restyle

To say that I'm a little anxious about packing for this weekend is a slight understatement! I hate the change of seasons (although I'm totally pleased to be heading into the cooler months), it's like I forgot what I wore last year at the same time. Did I wear this top with those pants? OR this top with a skirt? Add to the mix the yoyo nature of my waistline and it's panic stations! I'm only taking a few things away with me so I hope I get the mix right! 

This week I finally got around to restyling a merino jumper that was given to me (by a generous friend's mum) over Summer, with the aim to take it with me this weekend. It fitted nicely and I loved the inky grey colour, but I tend to overheat rather than being too cool so I prefer cardigans for letting in a bit of cool air. In a few easy steps I restyled the jumper into a great layering cardi and used up a favourite thrift store find - beautiful vintage trim. 

That's the before pic, v neck 100% merino knit jumper - pullover.
You'll have to excuse the beautiful Autumn light streaming through my workroom bedroom window. I turned the jumper inside out and ironed on a piece of visoflex along the middle of the jumper. Visolfex sticks to fabric with an iron, with a paper backing that you peel off, you know the stuff?

With the paper backing still on, I cut up the middle.

I peeled the paper backing off and ironed each side over onto itself creating a nice ironed seam, that won't unravel. It also creates a edge that won't stretch too much as you sew it.

I pinned the trim around the ironed seam. The neckline had a finished edge so I didn't put visoflex around that. I stitched the trim on, trying not to stretch the knit as I went. I know that I wouldn't be able to get the trim fitting nice and flat around the neck, so I pulled the knit as I stitched, creating a ruffle effect which I love I'm learning to live with!

That's it! I'm looking for a closure for the front, just to stop it flapping in the wind on a windy day, but otherwise it's good to go! (special thanks to miss E who took the after pic for me!)

It's got me looking at some other jumpers I've got that I don't often wear due to that "heat" factor. They might be next in line for a make over? I think next time I'd like to try a crocheted edge. So are you a cardigan or a jumper/pullover girl?


  1. This looks great! I love the collar just the way you did it!!

  2. it looks gorgeous - well done x

  3. Clever clever clogs! - I might have a closure in one of my button jars, if you haven't found anything suitable by the time you come down - or you could try a Random Little Things cardi keeper (essentially two brooches with a chain in between. I bought Miriam are house and tree one for her birthday. She's worn it on her blog a bit.

  4. What a great idea! Love the trim you've used.
    Liz @ Shortbread & Ginger

  5. Holy crap that visoflix idea is GENIUS. I've wanted to do a similar thing for ages, but I totally didn't know how to stabilise the centre after it was cut. Genius I tell you! Wish I was coming this weekend! Have fun!

  6. Ooops, commented on the wrong post! Love this cardi restyle, awesome!

  7. I'm a big fan of the ruffle and that trim. I have to pin this, i really want to have a go. See you soon!

  8. Your new cardigan looks fantastic! I love the trim. I really didn't think it was possible to make a cardigan out of a knit jumper. I'm a total cardi girl too...I seem to overheat at the drop of a hat, especially around my neck. I find cardi's are more flattering over my rather non flat stomach too! xx

  9. I was just thinking that I was sure that Nin would be able to help you out with a closure and then I read her comment! Love your restyle and can't wait to see it in real life- eeek not long now and my to do list is growing not shrinking!!!!

  10. This is gorgeous! Awesome job!

  11. Woah, that looks amazing, well done! Lovely to meet you (very briefly) tonight, see you tomorrow!
    - Emma

  12. so clever - I see all these jumper restyles out there and wonder if I'm that clever


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