Wednesday, April 25, 2012

we will remember them

Today is ANZAC day here in New Zealand. For the first time miss E was marching in our local ANZAC parade along with her pippin unit and all the other brownies and guides. Both my grandfathers served in the second world war and although they both made it home, they died while I was quite young and I've always felt sad that I was never able to know them when I was an adult. I think it's really important to teach our children about the sacrifice that my grandfather's generation made for us, it's hard for me to grasp what it must have been like, let alone my children.

Lest we forget.

Once a month our local R.S.A. (Returned services association) holds a kids disco, we often attend. They have a theme each month and this month's theme is "ANZAC" spirit. Normally we have something in the dress up box that fits the bill but not this time. Miss E had lots of grand ideas about what we could (I could) do and after a little brainstorming session she came up with the idea of a "Flanders's field" skirt. Luckily I had some red felt so I cut out a bunch of "poppies" and stitched them all over a skirt that I made especially. I've used up all my black buttons to make the center of the poppies. The disco is this Sunday so I'll get a photo of it in action!

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