Wednesday, April 11, 2012


A wee while ago, Lisa from Big little put out a call for pattern testers for her "Pirate Jacket" pattern. I was very keen as I've long admired her pirate jackets. Such amazing details and a cool design that I imagine any little boy or girl would love! My kids were very excited to see it come together and miss E is very keen for me to make one for her too (must get on to that!).

Lisa has just released the pattern in her Etsy shop. It's a very well thought out and designed pattern, with lots of variations, like a sew in map (for a smaller child) and a pull out one for an older one, a sew on treasure pouch or one that can button on. It's an easy to sew design too, I imagine even a beginner sewer would be able to follow the step by step instructions. I love that you don't need to rush out and buy lots of stuff to make it either, I used some old pants and a skirt with a stain to make the body of the jacket. I did however buy a small amount of felt for the buckle etc.

I love dress ups for kids especially ones that are a bit more special and less commercial than the ones that you can find in shops, and if you are somewhat sewing challenged and unable to sew one yourself, Lisa also sells custom made jackets too!

(oh by the way ( and in case you are wondering) Lisa hasn't asked me to write this, it wasn't part of being a pattern tester. I just really love her pattern and I had fun sewing it and would love to spread the word!)

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