Monday, April 23, 2012


It seems sometimes hard to get my kids to wrap up warm over Winter. It helps the cause somewhat if they have some things to wear that they love,with that in mind I made miss E this hooded cape over the Easter holidays. I found the pattern in the book - Little Crochet by Linda Permann, a really lovely crochet book with lots of modern baby/toddler patterns. A lot of the patterns can be made for older children too if you use a larger hook and chunkier yarn.

It seems that this girl of mine who I never ever dressed in pink as a baby, who loves playing in mud and climbing trees has developed a big desire to wear pink and purple - and nothing but pink and purple!So when I found this lovely soft wool on Trademe I knew I was on to a good thing. The cape is so cozy and if it wasn't pink I think I would have kept it for myself (can you tell I'm not a pink fan?). I'm hoping she'll get a lot of wear (and twirling) out of it over the coming cooler months and keep warm too.


  1. So funny to read your not so keen on pink post - I get it!! So far successfully keeping our little miss (mostly) out of pink - well she is only 10 weeks and yet to cast her own vote : )

  2. Gorgeous cape! It looks so snugly.... xx

  3. Adorable! It makes me want to twirl and spin!


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