Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm getting warmer just looking at these pictures. I am sitting here at 8pm in shorts and a singlet and I can't quite believe that I crocheted these in the middle of this hot summer. I am signed up to the Lion Brand newsletter which sends me seasonal emails with projects that suit a northern hemisphere, not a southern one. So here am I crocheting warm winter projects. I can't even tell you what yarns I used as none of them had paper bands on them, they were just begging to be used up from my stash (a big tick for my new years resolution). There is one pair for miss E and one for me for those chilly mornings walking to preschool. The pattern is called family mittens and is a free crochet pattern offered on the Lion Brand site.

Does anyone have some favourite sites to share that offer free crochet or knitting patterns?


  1. I'm knitting in summer too! I'm such a slow knitter and I'm determined to have a a hat and vest fnished for Isla and Liam before winter comes :)
    Ravelry is a great site, lots of free patterns.

  2. thanks Hanna, I love ravelry! It's a little too addictive though with all those great free patterns. Gook luck with the knitting


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