Monday, February 22, 2010

on my lap

I few weekends ago I heard Wendyl Nissen on talk back radio talking about her homemade cleaning recipes and she had me hooked. A quick look on her website wendylsgreengoddess and all the great recipes there left me wanting more, so I bought her book. I'm not disappointed.
There are loads of natural recipes for cleaning in there and some great tips for sustainable living. I was initially drawn to her oven cleaning recipe that you can find here, I hate cleaning the oven and it's a job that is mostly left to my husband as I often get a headache from the smell of oven cleaner. I was so surprised how well the baking soda and washing soda worked and there was no nasty chemicals and no scrubbing. So now I'm hooked on replacing all my cleaners to more natural ones. I've been making my laundry powder for some time now and wouldn't go back to store bought, even though it requires a little more effort. The added bonus of all of these green recipes is most of them work out much cheaper than the store bought equivalents.

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  1. Oh wow, I am going to have to look this book up at my local library. It looks like a great resource. Thank you so much for sharing


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