Thursday, February 18, 2010


I'm excited, my little fig tree is bearing it's first real crop of figs. Figs I found out recently are not in fact a fruit but actually an inverted flower, that is why they just appear like magic on the branches. It's also probably why, when perfectly ripe taste like sweet ambrosia. I have to beat the birds to them as the second photo shows (and the ladybirds too). I have grand plans to have enough figs to make fig chutney but realistically that is a few years off yet, I'd need to have quite a few ready all at the same time. But for now I'm enjoying just one or two a day, straight off the tree while I take a stroll around the garden (well a few steps really, it's a small garden).


  1. what beautiful figs! my entire family likes eating them, but i don't so much. i do like looking at them though- they're such lovely colours!
    hope you get enough to make chutney next year. :)

  2. ooh yum; I can't wait for ours to ripen! the birds know which ones are just right to eat, don't they?


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