Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother - noun and verb

Wouldn't it be great if there was a day that celebrated not just "Mothers" or "Fathers", but all the people who take on those roles, the care-giving  roles. Mother is a noun and a verb! I'm pretty sure for every "mum" who was celebrating Mother's day yesterday, there was someone who didn't quite fit into that category but certainly deserved a day of their own too. I'm hoping that those families chose to ignore the "Mother's day" tag and just celebrated anyway! It "takes a village" people!

To all those Mums and caregivers out there I hope you remember to celebrate and thank those that you love everyday!


  1. Love it Louana - Happy Mother's Day to you too! xx

  2. Wise words Louana - I am grateful for my village
    On Sunday after visiting the cemetery to acknowledge a Mother no longer with us, we celebrated with Aunties and Grandmas we have adopted into our family .. .. .. or did they adopt us into theirs?

  3. we have never (on both sides) celebrated Mother's Day - due to commercialism mainly - It didn't even occur to me on Sunday and I didn't ring my mum or MIL either... the husband did make me breakfast in bed and one kid out of 3 said happy mothers day and that was it... I think about my sister who is unable to have children (in fact we have not talked to each other for over 2 years due to this very fact and the fact that I have kids and she cannot bear (?) to see them. I don't even know where she is in the world at the moment!) - these days must be hard. I do agree that so many other people deserve recognition.


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